a flyer for www.fredsent.com
Okay, now here's my idea, we distribute this flyer at places that draw a crowd of trendy, or literate, or artsy people:
A flyer. You're kidding right?
Not at all.
But a flyer? No one does that anymore.
That's why its such a great idea. Last week, how many emails, notifications, and alerts did you glance at for less than a second, before you deleted them?
You see, publicity campaigns are a lot like calamari,
You think everything is like calamari.
Sure. But if folks would:
1) click the big old button down below,
2) save the flyer and print 10 copies of it,
3) the next time they go out and about, they could put flyers under windshield wipers of 10 cars.
A semi-serious fan might do that once a week.

That's all for this page.

Click Here to
download the flyer
(74 kb)

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