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Issue 1 - Orientation - Contents:

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From the editor

Some time ago, I was wandering the internet looking for something that was fun and more satisfying than playing Angry Birds, or the latest MMORPG shoot-em-up. I was about to go to Netflix when I thought 'The internet should have produced a new form of storytelling by now.' I mean, before most people had receivers in their homes, Radio and TV both had shows written just for them. And crowds were packing into movie theaters just a decade after the invention of film photography. While it should probably keep its day job selling waffle irons and such, the internet isn't a teenager anymore. Don't you think it should also be looking for something more satisfying to do? I think a new mode of fiction is overdue.

Yeah, I know what hyper-text fiction was, and know that it failed flatulently. But so what? Hyper-text fiction failed because alternate storylines bloat, confuse, and dissatisfy; not because the internet can't tell a good story. Not being the sort to be stymied by a lack of knowledge, or talent, I decided to learn to write code, and try my hand at a different sort of internet fiction.
Lucky you.

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Issue 2 Contents:

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Issue 3 Contents:

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