Loaded, and ready too.

Welcome to my world.
My name is Fred.
I hope you're having a good day.
I am . . . . . . Thanks.
(please scroll down)
I live way, way, out
in your future.
For fun I sometimes build virtual worlds.
Now, you can't inhabit my worlds the way my friends can.
But I can send crude aproximations back in time to your internet.
My friends and I send them cuz we can,
and . . .
Well . . . Out here in the future many of us have a soft spot for your cartoons.
We often use a style like that to tell each other stories.
My friend NaN and I decided to partner up
on some stories for you.
'Paying it Backwards' if you like,
and we hope you do.
Whether they're fiction or not,
our stories are often light-headed, with oblique plot turns and childish double entendre. We think such silliness can be fun, and can spur deeper thought.
And, it looks like plenty of you would benefit from more fun, and deeper thought.
I have four quick tips about this site:
1) When you scroll, scroll slowly.
2) If the animations stutter unpleasantly, you might fix that by maximizing your browser window, and closing any sidebars. If the animations still stutter, close any other open browser tabs, and programs too. Clicking the reload icon in the top right corner can help too, especially if you're seeing strange black rectangles in the page.
3) The 'fredsent.com' near the top edge, or left edge is always a link
to the Home Page / Table of Contents.
4) Click the reload icon if you'd like to re-run the page you are on from the beginning.
You will figure out the rest easily enough.
And now it is on to NaN, who is waiting for you with:
a short preface,
a short prelude,
a short story,
and more.

glow glow saucer a frog's body frog's head
frog's arm frog's arm
a frog keyboard