distant mountains
I'm NaN.
Fred's partner.
In the other worlds that Fred has built, the avatars move with grace, and sing as well as you wish.
But your bandwidth puts some strict limits on how much data we can send back.
So we've cut corners on character movement,
and scenery detail, and we've forgone sound.
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First - Fred built this simple virtual world just for our stories for you.
It is hardly more than a live feed from the same physical world you know/knew.
The 'more' it has comes from the superusers here; Fred, me, and a few other friends you'll meet later on.
Superusers can manipulate the live feed.
We could do it just to confuse things.
But, mostly, we'll manipulate the feed for plain old dramatic effect.

Second - Although my Avatar moves like you imagine a robot would,
I'm not a robot.
I'm a bot.
What we call a bot, you'd call software on a network of computers.
So, I don't really look like this.
I don't really 'look' like anything.
I chose this avatar just to make you feel comfortable.
Did I pull off cute, and helpful looking?
Third - Fred is a cyborg.
To us, 'cyborg' pretty much means a bot with an animal as the master controller.
When they inhabit virtual worlds, Cyborgs, as a point of pride, almost always choose avatars that look like the animal in control.
So, Fred really is a frog.
A very, very smart frog.

Please don't tell him that I said he is 'very, very smart.'

End of Preface.

I have a short story to tell you,
right after this prelude.
Back in 1873 Friedrich Nietzsche wrote something a lot like this...
from "On Truth and Lie In an Extra-Moral Context"
"Poured out and glittering, among innumerable solar systems, was a planet upon which lived clever animals who invented 'Knowledge'.
It was the haughtiest and most mendacious moment in History.
And yet, only a moment, for their star grew cold and the clever animals had to die."

While, Neitzsche was a brilliant person,
If all knowledge was illusory, every branch of Engineering would be as useless as Astrology is.
So, 'haughtiest and most mendacious' is less true than he suggested.
Predicting the future wasn't his forte either.
The sun still shines,
but something biological killed off humanity a long time ago.