distant mountains
a picture of NaN
glow saucer a frog's body frog's head frog's arm frog's arm a frog keyboard
Thanks NaN, that was great.
Not too abrupt with the bad news?
Not at all. And, not too drawn out either.
That was NaN's first time addressing humans.
It's a tricky chore for us 'cuz we're built to blast data at each other as fast as possible.
Don't worry about your tiny bandwidth. I think its cute. Really!
Besides, entanglement is always easiest with small data sets.
Fred ! !
Don't worry. They won't ever understand that.
So Nan, You have some time before NotRadio is due to arrive.
What's next?
I thought a little Q and A might be good.
You must have questions.
Like "What is the air speed velocity of a swallow?"
No, not like that at all.
You flippant little amphibious fly catcher.
I love it when you call me names.