distant mountains
orientation's end
This page had to be sent to you with minimal file size. We decided to add a preview of the next issue, and that put us just over our limit.
I volunteered to take the data hit here. But look at me. If I was any more naked, you wouldn't be able to see me at all. Sorry. . .
Anyway, I hope you like the preview.
I'll give you the link in a moment.
In other news -
NotRadio asked me to tell you not to bother leaving us any more info on raising orphans.
The early adopters already took care of everything. NotRadio also says "Thanks to all of you who helped us out." He wanted to thank you himself, but suddenly he's deeply occupied with something else. Somebot put a joke on the internet, that he says is a litmus test and recruiting tool for extremists. We're about at our data limit now. I have just three options left for you. come back any time.
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A mongoose, a turtle, and a robot walk into a bar, get their libations and sit in a quiet booth.

"I hate the racket from geese, and I'm not going to share a server with them." says the mongoose.

"I am so tired of horse manure. All equines should be quarantined forever" replies the turtle.

The robot sips a refreshment thoughtfully, then says "LifeSucks."

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