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Computer chip in his brain?   Eeew!

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Yup. And you'd probably be surprised how many bots think it is absolutely too gross to stick a nice computer chip in the middle of flesh and goo.
We know the ethics of chipping animals is murky. The first chipped animals were just public access input devices. Generally we agree that it's okay to watch a spectacular thunderstorm on the horizon at sunset through the eyes of a soaring albatross (very cool), or to smell a Spring forest at dawn through the nose of a hunting wolf (another popular download).
Animal outputs are another story. Most of us think that using animals as outputs is at least as bad as your forefathers having slaves. Some bots have done horrible things to animals they controlled just for fun. Things like making a young zebra charge a pride of lions, or flying a boobie into lava erupting from a volcano, just so the controlling bot could intimately experience the sensations around the animal's death.
Animal outputs, or 'Digital Zombifications' are rare today, but still happen.

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