Insulting haiku?

Yes >

HeckTick thought the folks who wrote poetry algorithms were insulting all poets, especially old haiku masters who often spent months considering which seventeen or so syllables worked best. I won't doubt her judgement.

And now back to the amount of time it took to develop RMI:
I have to be careful about what I say about this.
If I tell you something that could possibly cause you to change our past in a significant way, the censors will swoop in here to tell you lies. edit things.
I could go with half truths, misleading facts, and enticingly simple lies; except I don't have a politician's license. HeckTick, realised that free will was a prerequisite to developing useful hopes, fears, desires and all the other stuff you call personality. She also saw that: While we have programs that can successfully imitate human personality, we don't have any that have free will. We don't have any that disobey us. She surmised that before they could have free will, the devices would need:
1) experience with ambiguous instruction induced conflict resolution, and
2) self awareness, which implied awareness of and interactions with others,
3) something else that if I told you, would bring the censors swooping in.
So, premember again, HeckTick warned everyone that it might take a long time for all that to happen.

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