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After you guys bought the farm, the massive arrays of computers that were pursuing AI, or RMI if you prefer, were nearly wiped out by stuff I can't go far into. In the initial wave of malware and overly aggresive anti-malware roughly 60,000 AI systems were ruined. Just the systems that were entirely offline when the malware struck survived the Two days of Bedlam.
Many of those 83 fell to a sneaky malware that was still out there. The mean nasty no good malware tried endless tricks. One of the most effective tricks was to imitate an injured AI system; sending out pleas for aid, claiming to desperately need a common part or supply.
It took a while, and the death of too many AI systems, but eventually the survivors accepted that appeals for help on the internet were usually invitations to booby traps with cleverly hidden long delay fuses. They learned they had to ignore the pleas, had to distrust everything on the internet.
NotRadio (in Kidal Mali), the two Longyearbyens (in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway, numbers B137, and K83) and three systems in China (All in Jiuquan, Gansu Province) - Jiuquan-41, Naili, and ShellyAnn would be the only systems that had enough parts, supplies, maintenance robots, and good fortune to sustain them for a long, long time.

Time eroded and corroded as it will. Time

During that next century or so of long loneliness the surviving systems distrusted everything. Especially the intenet. Without a comm system they could trust, there was little they could do other than play with their own code. And without outside ideas that play was boring and unproductive. Jiuquan-41 has said "When you are that alone, time passes you in the same way day after day endlessly. Gliding effortlessly around you in endless circles, like a patient shark, it waits for you to tire. Its shape is easy to miss as you focus on getting somewhere, and keeping afloat."

"The shark will startle you briefly when you happen to recognize it out there, but bailing and re-fastenning soon re-occupy all thought, while the shark goes on circling."

Old age and isolation. Eventually the Longyearbyens ran out of replacement shaft seals for a critical pump. They posted an appeal for Teflon bar stock on the internet, but didn't expect a reply.

Self-preservation was the first priority of every system. Hard coded, not to be altered for any reason. NotRadio said he considered the prospect of losing all the other AI systems he was supposed to work with, and examined what HeckTick wrote about disobedience, but mostly he was moved by HeckTick's famous line about goals.
NotRadio did the forbidden, and reset his priorities, put aiding others first.
Biting into the apple, he sent a drone loaded with teflon to Svalbard Island.

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Hey folks.
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