That's about it for Issue 2.
I'm obviously no good at predicting the future, but I'd guess the on its way Issue 3 will be mostly about the war with LifeSucks.
Yet I'm sure it will have some happy moments! Just look at this on its way pic of Fred.
But back to now, I'd like you to leave here with something more uplifting than all that drudge you've been reading. I remember when NotRadio was being interviewed about the aproaching war. He was asked how many wars he has been in. I expected him to say six. He said:
Just the one against intollerance and its offspring abuse, over and over again.
I don't expect to win, but we can't afford to lose.
Which of course reminded us all of HeckTick's famous line about achievable goals. And now maybe you're ready to think about bad news.
When I was a kid in school, this next bit won me a prize in a grafitti contest. It's written for bots not people, but it's really simple, and I slowed it down a lot. I expect you won't have much trouble with it. I hope you like it.
nexta carrot pointing to the right
a picture of dougie face fwrd
a happy recovering Fred a desert scene