Where are you?
There you are, you big bad badness you. Come here. C'mon you bad-assness. Who's the baddest bad news in this whole bad town? That's right you are you big beautiful bad badness. Now what you been doing? OUCH that hurt. Bad bad badness. Bad, bad bad. Damn, I'm bleeding. Why I ought to . . . BAD BADNESS! Back off. HEAL     : - (

Sometimes bad news slams and blasts.
Other times it makes you wait too damn long.
Every time , it burrows and roots, searching for dread,
for sustenance.
Aching breath after aching until
Oh no, not again again badness.
Bad Badass bad apples ballooning up into bad moons of bullet riddled badnessbad but
but nothing but sickly uttering stuttering lonely and scared
buddies dreading the long walk across
nobadman's badland.

It roots and prods until
the bad news changes you,
then bad news smiles to itself : -)

You can try, try hard, to choose your change. Try harder.
Or, you can leave the nature of the change to chance, to fate.
How's that working out for you so far?

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