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a picture of dougie upside down in the air a picture of dougie upside down in the air a picture of dougie right side up in air

My sister Hattie says this is how we huffle-pish do recon at altitude.
Eyes always down.
She says it's kinda fun to just drift and watch when you're really way way up there.
So, every time I have been on the tour run by Barefoot_Archaeologists at the West_On_Pecos sanctuary I'm taken by all the paintings and drawings. The walls, floors and ceilings of the sanctuary are absolutely covered with them. Most are damaged by mold or corrosion, but the ones done on glass were in pretty good shape.
I took some pics. I won't bore you with the full catalog, but I have some here that I think you might enjoy.
This first one is a favorite of ours.

dino looking in


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a curving hallway with black crap seeping in
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Another favorite, this is from a window on the music room. It amuses me, even if I don't understand it.

The next one is, I think, a companion piece to Dino in the Window but translated to an infected hall inside West_On_Pecos.

an ipod displaying'Stop me if you've heard this: Two musicians walked into a bar.

Isn't this suggestive?
We're thinking about using this as a logo for a future set of stories. And maybe we'll call the site

an insect pulling Frankenstien's monster out of a bowler hat


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