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There is no need to read this. It just expands on things you should get a feel for from the animation on this site. Aritcle 1 - For generations people have complained that the general population is poorly informed. I'll bet Socrates' parents bemoaned his shoddy study habits. While its a shame that virtually nobody reads Michel DeMontaigne the way generations of learned people did, those generations never had an inkling of radio, computer programing, or the Rolling Stones. New ideas have always been sexier than old, and new media trumps old formats. One important task of the intelligensia has always been to re-package the essential wisdom of the ages into modern crowd pleasing formats. Shakespeare did it, and Mark Twain, and Bullwinkle and Friends. The breadth of information the public needs insight into grows faster than ever. The public only has so much attention to bring to bear. Wikipedia is a crutch to the lazy, but it is also essential to the ambitious. Article 2 - Instant messages from friends and porn at your finger tips are stiff competition for anyone trying to inform the public. As are the seductive headlines that link to extremist views masquerading as news. Add to that the fact that real internet news sites too often link to articles without depth, surrounded by worthless click-bait ads. I suspect that our generation's inteligensia is failing the task mentioned in Article 1. Article 3 - So many of our web sites suck. Article 4 - Design - When the iPod was introduced, everyone with an eye for design praised it. It was brilliant. It still is. It has inspired countless other designs. Minimal, clean and crisp design is now ubiquitous. And so, it is usually boring. If a design disappears into the function of the device, that's acceptable, even desirable, in a device, like a music player. But not in Web sites. Every visitor to your web site has a dozen dozen other sites in their subconscious asking them to please come visit now. Web sites need to grab and hold the users' attention, and call out louder than the others whenever the user temporarily leaves to complete a chore on somewhere else. If your content is your site's only draw and the only bookmark in the user's mind, you'll lose audience to cute kittens and obvious cleavage. Article 5 - Motion catches the eye. Animals evolved that trait, and we should make use of it. Quality video is expensive to make, and screen size variability causes plenty of headaches. So even if you have a great low cost source of video, you probably need to submit your work to a YouTube-like service. Article 6 - Low bandwidth JavaScript or CSS animation on the web is less expensive to produce, and should be responsive to any screen size. Animation has an effect much like music. It provides pace and rythym, style and surpirse. But without disturbing a cubicle or bed mate. Provide frequent natural breaks in the action. And if you need long boring texts, let the audience read at their own rate. You can add sound if you like, but its bandwidth is larger than seems right. And, every style of music will make a portion of the audience gag. Silence can be a relief and a vacuum for the audience to fill with imagination. You can find a ton of experts out there who will tell you that you should use animation sparingly. The obnoxious flaming gifs and blinking links of years past were as common as today's high res photo endowed sites. But, there is still plenty of crappy writing on the web, and I don't see anyone saying we should words sparingly. Affordable modern animation tools for the web won't produce 'Avatar' or 'Snow White' quality work. But it can do a lot more than tell folks when they have clicked a button. Addendum - We wish there were animation tools for the web that were easier to learn and use. Greensock seems like the easiest to use tool that is powerful. But it feels meant for a programmer, not a traditional animator. Animation Studio and PowToons are more artist oriented, but the output is either not going to be responsive (won't play nice with large and small screens of varying aspect ratios), or the output is Flash. See the Wired article on Flash here
Photo by Samuel Scrimshaw on Unsplash