paying for
the desert floor a blue bar
a crater in time
a crater in time

Please share your opinion
on how to monetize this site.

While the PayPal link below is functional,
the other ideas are only here
to spur your comments.

I want some
of your

I want to get my grubby little hands on

precious, and hard earned,

You are right of course,
other people have
too. some

I'm hesitant to ask you to send money.

It feels too early.

But, producing each page eats a lot of time,

and I have bills to pay.

I'll keep working on the site whether you send money or not.

If you want new episodes to come out more quickly,

help me.

There, I said it.

If this site meets your criteria for

smart fun entertainment,

how much do you value smart fun?

A comic book costs $3.

$3 from a bunch of people would help out a lot.

Could you send me a few bucks through PayPal?

Contribute via PayPal
Contribute via PayPal

And could you tell a friend or two about too?

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I could go to a Patreon-style paid subscription model.
But, a notion I'd like to uphold is:
"When internet content is free, everyone wins."

I could sell swag here.

One bumper sticker I'd like to see:

"Driving back and forth to work -
It's not just for assholes."

But bumper stickers are so permanent.

And don't you already have enough coffee cups

and T shirts, with bon mot on them?

Collectible Souvenirs!

I could sell limited edition prints.
Maybe one of NaN and Fred that says "thank you".
Let's say $20 for one copy from an edition of 250.
a selfie of NaN and Fred

I'd print on acid free paper of course.

I could sign a smaller edition of prints
and sell them at a higher price.
Maybe $50 for one of 100 prints.
a selfie of the gang

Then, for $100 I could send you an inspirational limited edition print signed by me, that is based on something in issue 2.
(limited edition of 50)
an inspirational hint about issue 2,
Would you pay even more for a signed print of YOU with
NaN and Fred?
(limited to 50 unique-ish prints)
Fred, NaN and you in a selfie

You would have to send me a link to a photo,
that I could copy, modify and resize.

I could surely figure out how to make a photo of two people fit in, if that's your desire. Or a photo of your dog. But please, link to a photo of something with ears.

Damn, that will use up more of my time.
It would have to be comparatively expensive.

Like $250 minimum.
But then, Fred would probably say, "70 years from now,
that $250 will seem like a bargain."

Or maybe "170 years from now?"



Then there is advertising.

We can all agree, can't we,

a lot of internet ads suck?

Digital lampreys sucking

speed, beauty, and joy out of web pages.

But ads in other media often don't bother me.

Full page ads in Magazines are fine.

Some are pretty cool. There are just too many.

And when I have a TV show on my DVR,

I don't mind the ads,

because I can skip right past all the bad ones.

Or I can watch the comercials that I like,

like the 'Dog Tested' comercials from Subaru.

I could sell full page ads on this site.

I'd limit the number of ad pages per issue,

and reject any ads that don't appeal to my

arbitrary and capricious tastes.

I'd put ad pages in there between pages of the story,

just like they do in magaiznes,

so the advertisers would be assured of a shot at

impressing your eyeballs.

I could make sure that you have a handy way to

escape the ads you don't like.

Maybe a 'Skip Forward' button would appear

5 seconds into every ad page.

Ads that entertain would win eyeballs,

hearts, and minds.

Everybody can win.

Except, this site doesn't have enough viewers to justify any organization spending precious advertising money here.

Do you work for an organization that is interested in making the internet better? Better in more than a technical sense?

If so, your Human Resources Department can probably tell you how to recommend this site for consideration by the powers that support the arts.

What do you think?

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