distant mountains
a sparsely leaved desert bush a sparsely leaved desert bush a sparsely leaved desert bush a recon/surveillance thing hovering outside

Hey there.

As you can see, our digs have been upgraded for issue 2.

I like it, even if there is hardly any furniture yet.

At least I found a chair.

I apologize for ending Issue 1 so spasmodically.
In that issue our scattershot approach introduced lots of terms and storylines,
but hardly developed anything.
We indulged your famous attention span,
and ignored your need to feel you understand.
Issue 2 will be more organized.
Future issues? Well, unexpected happens.
Scroll down for more.

We briefly mentioned The Long Quiet and the Six Survivors in issue 1.

The Long Quiet was the first century or so after humanity.

When you all died, you left thousands of
machine learning systems,
spread across dozens of locations,
running in pursuit of
Artificial Intelligence.

And, unintentionally I'm sure,
some really smart and very nasty malware.

The Six Survivors are

accurately named.

We'll give you a few highlights of that story in the full issue. But we'll spare you from the boring details.

We will also try to briefly explain The Joke and LifeSucks, and then move on to the approaching war.

The rallying cries of fervent idiots,
and the dread of the sane,

should feel familiar to you.

Fred is more deeply involved in the war plans than I am, so he will handle most of that discussion.

But wait,

doesn't he look like a real Dukakis in this pic?

Fred will surely try to inject some humor into the intercourse on war.

But unless you like dead baby jokes,

It's not going to be a chucklefest.

Speaking of babies,

The human children are probably doing fine.

NotRadio told me they are being raised in kibbutzim,

alongside dozens of cyborg youngsters from a variety of species.

He also said he would try to get us some pictures or video of them that we could send along to you.

But beyond those bits of data, the human kids are surrounded by secrecy and misinformation.

Which is surely best, considering the goals of LifeSucks.

That's all for this preview.

We'll have more for you soon.

This way to Issue 2 Need a Dukakis reminder?

A mongoose, a turtle, and a robot walk into a bar, get their libations and sit in a quiet booth.

"I hate the racket from geese, and I'm not going to share a server with them." says the mongoose.

"I am so tired of horse manure. All equines should be quarantined forever" replies the turtle.

The robot sips his refreshment thoughtfully, then says "LifeSucks."

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